21-Point Application Advantage

application advantages

17-Pt Advantage

Our 21-point application advantage for all our borrowers is what really boils our pride down into making our seaman loan offer the most sought after service today from the list of different collateral and non-collateral unsecured loan products in the Philippines we have on our list. Yes, in case you didn’t know, we have other types of loan products so our offer doesn’t stop when others do if you get disqualified from a loan application. You have other options on the line if you need a 1 day release loan like the car loan without taking your car.

For example, a seafarer can’t qualify to apply for seaman loan for reasons which are easy for us to determine outright upon pre-qualification and by taking a look at your submitted documentary requirements.

loan requirements

Loan Requirements

Very few loan agents would offer you other options but with us here at SeamanLoan.Com, we can absolutely give you more choices than you can think of. You just have to open up to the fact that walking in to a lending company will not help make your loan approval fast more than if you have someone to assist you, for free.

Like in the case of a client as stated above, if you can’t qualify for this non-collateral loan, then we will instantly offer you other choices. We also have car loan without taking your car. Here, you may be allowed to use any vehicle from tricycle with franchise, jeepney or puj with franchise, taxi with franchise and yes, even your own private service vehicle or school bus yellow plate service. You don’t even have to worry you won’t have any transportation medium to use because all we take is your original OR CR copy. We also have real estate property collateral loan or house and lot loan. The only premise is that your title must be clean and owner must have a steady or regular source of income to present that is duly documented with proof.

21 Point Application Advantage in Applying with Us

1 day release loan

1 Day Release

Otherwise, please read about the different reasons below why our clients are in good hands with us.

  1. 1 day release and processing with same day cash turnover for qualified borrowers
  2. No filing fee / No agent’s fee or broker’s fee / No advance interest
  3. 100% FREE loan consultation and assistance
  4. Up to 2 months grace period payment option
  5. Multiple low interest rate choices – 2.75% / 3% / 5%
  6. Flexible loan payment term choices – from 3 months to 1 year or will depend on the seaman contract
  7. No collateral needed except for some providers that only allows allotment ATM takeout (No ATM loan also available)
  8. No C.I. (credit investigation) and no B.I. (background investigation) at home
  9. Cash card loan release available for fast loan release to last-minute boarding seaman and seawoman. This disposable ATM card can be used anywhere there is an ATM machine, even in airport.
  10. We have the most extensive number of seaman loan providers list assuring you that we will find the right provider for you even if you are bad credit
  11. lowest interest rate seaman loan

    Get Low Interest

    Guaranteed lowest interest rate possible for qualified loan applicants

  12. 7 days a week available communication for loan consultation and inquiry
  13. Online application available and form to download as well as choice to fill up online for faster process.
  14. Most extensive contact numbers that you can communicate (Globe, Smart, Sun, PLDT landline) for fast loan updates and communication needs
  15. Option for online chat inquiry available and outright loanable amount estimate computation using simple loan calculator
  16. More than 150 branches to cater nationwide in the Philippines (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao)
  17. seaman loan calculator

    Loan Calculator

    Accepts self-allottee and pay-on-board seafarers

  18. Accepts denied seaman loan application, dormant accounts, bad credit status, replevin case, BP-22 case, cancelled credit cards and more.
  19. Accepts both rented or own house residence status applicants for those living in province
  20. Accepts allottee loan for seafarers not able to apply for loan due to immediate deployment and no-notice embarkation
  21. Accepts seaman with no-coborrower or co maker (subject for qualification)

Since you already know the different advantages you have if you avail of our free services, we’d like to teach you the different yet simple step by step procedures on how to apply for seaman loan in the Philippines. Or you may fill up our online form to apply here. We have also written this year 2019 about our latest promo offer. At this point, Good Luck!

About seaman loan agent

A top loan consultant to leading multiple lending companies in the Philippines, Sam Casuncad is a qualified professional in the industry currently managing more than 40 loan related websites for collateral and non-collateral lending. Get free assistance now!
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