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SeamanLoan.Com is inviting all qualified and bonafide agency crewing managers and agency representative to tie up with us. We are offering practically beneficial share with the affiliation commission we receive from the lending company and is willing to share that commission with you under agreeable circumstances with the use of a legal (MOA) memorandum of agreement (to be signed by you and the owner / representative of SeamanLoan.Com) which ensures you that by legal actions, you will receive your part of the commission as agreed upon by you and our company.

We offer big compensation to those who are willing to refer to us qualified clients. All you have to do in the process is to refer only qualified clients and nothing else. We will take care of everything from there.  All you have to do is to give them assurance that they will be given a provider with the lowest interest rate possible. Since loan application confirmation is done by calling your agency, it is literally easy for you to keep track of an account referred to us in so many ways. One, you may keep a record of your seafarer’s contact numbers to make sure you can ask for updates as with loan release or how much loan is approved where the commission will be based (read our article on loanable amount). Second, you may directly ask your referred client for details and third, you may call directly to the company where we will cater to the loan borrower. This way, you get absolutely 100% assurance that you will get your share. It might help you too if you know how the process of application takes place by reading it here –

3 percent interest

3% commission rate

Be Our Tie-Up Agent and Get 3% Full Commission

Becoming our agent will give you full undeducted commission, equivalent to what we get from our lending providers. In return we will be given by the company only a 1% commission from your approved and release loan account applicant. No! This will not be deducted from your commission as it is part of our agreement with our providers to receive only part and parcel of our tie-up agent’s approved and release seaman loan account which, like your commission will based from the exact loanable amount approved and released. Everything will be delivered with the use of a simple loan calculator and lending company standards. See the different advantages our clients get here.

become one of our agentsApply as one of our agents and get the full commission now or have us assist your client for a 50/50 shared commission wherein you won’t have to do anything, just refer and give all the details of your qualified client and we will handle everything from there on. As soon as your client gets a released loan, you will automatically get your part commission as you desire to claim from the lending office.

To assure of the quality of approved accounts, we make sure the departure date of seaman loan applicants are as stated in their POEA-validated contract as well as they must have complete, correct and sufficient documentary requirements to submit. Plus, their manning agency must be listed in the database as one of the duly licensed and accredited manning agencies by POEA. We keep a good faith and integrity to our service which also helps assure you of a good tie up relationship that lasts. Looking forward to communicate and agree.

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