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lowest interest rate seaman loan

Get Low Interest

Standard interest rate for most private lending companies in the Philippines is 3%. On the other hand, we have the lowest interest offer at only 2.75% but it is a requirement to undergo pre-qualification interview so we know if you can avail of this discounted charge. It is also a requirement to reside or live in an owned house and not rented. This lending company provider may not be comparable with bank loan offers for seaman in terms of interest rate like those in BDO, BPI, Insular Bank, PSBank, Sterling Bank, Security Bank and more but if you are looking forward for a hassle-free and stress-free, less waiting time 1 day release loan, we’ve got the right cue for you. Just read our procedures on how to apply.

2.75% interest rate

2.75% interest provider

3 percent interest

3% interest rate

bad credit seaman loan

3% Interest for Bad Credit Seaman

This is the same reason why majority of our seaman loan borrowers prefer to apply for credit with our providers more than bank lenders. The process is what really leads seafarers to go for extra charges on interest for convenience of less time to process. Banks may sometimes take up to more than 1 week to come up with a final loan approval while most of our providers offer 1 day release loan unless you are somebody who had previous delinquent payment problems with one or any of our lending providers.

seaman loan requirements

Documentary Requirements for Seaman Loan

Don’t worry, if you can’t pass their standard requirements to qualify, you can still avail of the 2.75% interest but you will have to wait for 3-5 days processing especially those who live in a rented abode. You will also have to provide a co-borrower. If you don’t have allotment, you will be obliged to have an immediate relative as co maker / co borrower before your application will be approved. He or she will be counter signing with you in applying for a checking account which is the mode of payment for the seaman loan.

Although that will give us the cue to give you other options to apply for your loan, it will also help us realize your need to get extra cash to leave to your family and we are here to help in that case. Remember we are duly accredited with multiple top lending company providers in the Philippines and this means that we can still bring you the lowest interest rate possible even if you have bad credit status or delinquent payments with other lending companies.

This is what advantage we give to our clients – the liberty to achieve lowest interest rate possible by making our providers directly compete with each other through our unique seaman loan offers.

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