Seaman Loan – 1 Day Low Interest Non Appearance Processing


At SeamanLoan.Com, seaman loan application + attaining 1 day release personal cash loan for seafarers is easy. Let us assist and pre-qualify you to get lowest interest rate possible non-appearance process. You may also fill up our Online Form for faster approval.

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Seaman Loan Fees

Seaman Loan Qualification Criteria

We cater to all types of seafarers looking to apply for fast loan in the Philippines. You may be self-allottee, pay on board, tipping or with allotment sailor. You may also be an offshore or tanker boarding seafarer with at least 3 months contract. Those with 2-month term may qualify if have payslip.

An advantage relies basically if seafarer have own checking account, lives in own house / relative house or ancestral house and for those who have allotment ATM. This is so because you can qualify to most of our lending company providers in the Philippines and we all know that the more providers, the more choices to apply and qualify for your credit approval.

Applicants must be sure that they have the complete list of documentary requirements already available in photocopy for faster processing and approval. The co-borrower must also be available for the initial interview.

Loan applicants without complete requirements will have delayed processing of their application to the lender of choice.

Be sure to declare only minimal list of expenses during an interview by account officers to avoid low loan amount approval. This way, you get to choose from the biggest possible approval to the lowest range of approved amount. You can read our 12 point advantage in the link above with image to find out why applying with our assistance is the best choices you can get out of your seaman loan application.