1.5% Low Interest Rate Seaman Loan for 2019

If you think 2018 gave our seafarer clients the lowest rate for our seamans loan product, then you are wrong! This opening of 2019, we will be launching our new and updated low interest rate seaman loan of only 1.5% instead of 2.49% in 2018 and 3.75% in 2017 and 5% last 2004 to 2016.

Making Rates Affordable to Apply For Seafarers

lowest interest rate seaman loan

Get Low Interest

All that is because we wanted to make loan application easier to grab for our sailors and their respective allottee or coborrower immediate family member or spouse. Because one of our lending company affiliate providers have already moved on with a milestone of production last 2018, the people behind would like to thank all our loyal and upcoming clients. This is by offering a new lower interest rate for seaman’s loan applicants this coming year. Expect better service too apart from this new rate we are announcing and more to come this 2019.

How to Apply for Our New Low Interest Rate Seaman Loan?

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Knowing Your Loan Choices

For the allottee loan, it is now open for application but for now, only if the seafarer can be contacted thru any type of video call medium. These platforms include but is not limited to Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and IMO. For further details and how to apply, please subscribe to us or visit our news page. We will be posting another article about seaman allottee loan soon. Mechanics are on the way of making and figures are already being formulated as well as applicable policies, lending terms and requirements for this specific non-collateral loan. You may also call us for more updates regarding this particular loan product. In the meantime, we have outlined a simple guide and list of requirements below for information purposes.

  • Step#1 – Undergo our 1-3 minute pre-qualifying interview
  • Step#2 – Disclose only correct, precise and complete information during interview
  • Step#3 – Fill up complete information on the application form as instructed (online form available)
  • Step#4 – Photocopy all necessary documents as needed before reporting to apply (no fake documents will be tolerated) (reminder: falsification of public documents and forgery is punishable by law)
  • Step #5 – Submit application form and documents for evaluation (including that of your co-borrower).
  • Step#6 – Wait for the whole process to succeed until approval and be ready for any need to ask questions by the seaman loan marketing assistant.

Information Disclosure to Avoid During Interview and Application

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As a primary tip, we encourage clients not to disclose during and before an interview things that should not be disclosed unless necessary. A short outline of these sensitive information is listed below.

  1. any bad credit information
  2. any mortgage payments currently ongoing
  3. excessive daily or monthly expenses
  4. unpaid loans and credit cards

On the other hand, as your duly accredited loan agent and broker, we would like you to tell us everything on your end. This includes things and personal or professional information we need to know like if you have already applied for the same seaman’s loan to any other lending company or bank before. We would also like to know thru a short 3 minute interview your position, agency (see our list of accredited manning agencies for 2019), departure date and if you are willing to provide a coborrower and any existing negative credit information. Another important issue for us to know is if you have unpaid loans and your full expenses (not to disclose this in an interview with our lenders). Lastly, we need to know if you have other mortgage loans currently under payment. This is essential for us because we wanted to provide you with a smooth processing of your loan application. Also for the purpose of maximizing your chances of approval instead of getting declined.

To understand more of the reasons why it is best to get our FREE consultation and application assistance service, please visit our 21 point advantage page. Otherwise, if you are ready to apply, visit our contact us page ASAP.

About seaman loan agent

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